Rebel Research Group’s mission is to connect and communicate with the world through shared experiences, exploring how our worldview and relationships navigate complex and challenging work environments.

Everything we do is backed by research, science, and experiential learning.

The three mantras are the north star that underpins our work. These values are:

Know your story. Our work gives people tools and stories to help them understand themselves better and feel connected through normalcy. Everything we create is easy, consumable, engaging, repeatable, and done with integrity.


Transform through leaders. We help companies by starting with their leaders to transform and disrupt through deep humanity, challenging their biases, and fostering psychological safety, trust, and care. 


Make time for a chorus of voices. Everything we do includes our commitment to belonging at work and to the people we serve. We challenge people, processes, and systems, protecting the wellbeing of our community and providing a brave, safe, space. We bring the community together through the power of story.

We help people identify their sense of belonging, provide strategies for facilitating a workable sense of belonging in the workplace or tools for moving on when needed. 

We normalize the conversation on belonging in the workplace and provide  organizations with a framework to shift their mindset. We share evidence-backed, data driven tools to increase the wellbeing of employees beginning with an effective leadership modeled approach. 

We democratize and operationalize belonging in the workplace for any size company. 

We foster intrinsic motivation, increase staying power and help companies develop a culture that connects its values to specific behaviors so people know what is expected, encouraged, and rewarded within their team and organization.

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